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Patellofemoral Syndrome, “Runner’s Knee”

By: Backs in Action

Causes, Symptoms & Treatment of Runner’s Knee Pain What is Patellofemoral Syndrome? Patellofemoral Syndrome: Pain in the front of the knee Pain is localized around the kneecap Also known as […]


Do you have Hammer Toes?

By: Backs in Action

Understanding Hammertoe Treatment Hammer toes are when your toes bend down at the middle toe joint. It is seen more often in adult women and usually occurs in the second toe […]


Pes Planus (Flat Foot)

By: Backs in Action

Pes Planus (Flat Foot) Pes Planus, also known as ‘flat foot’ is when the arch of your foot, which runs lengthwise along the sole of the foot, is lowered or […]


Bunion Causes & Treatment with Custom Orthotics

By: Backs in Action

Understanding Bunion Causes & Treatment with Orthotics  Bunions are enlargements of the bone/tissue surrounding the base of the big toe. However smaller bunions can also develop on the joints of your other […]


Chronic Exertional Compartment Syndrome

By: Backs in Action

Understanding Chronic Exertional Compartment Syndrome What is Chronic Exertional Compartment Syndrome? Chronic Exertional Compartment Syndrome is an exercise induced muscle and nerve condition that causes pain, swelling and sometimes disability […]


How to Choose Proper Fitting Running Shoes

By: Backs in Action

Looking for a Good Running Shoe? When your foot hits the ground there are ground forces that push back. Running shoes absorb shock when your feet hit the ground, and decrease […]


Buy Custom Foot Orthotics East Vancouver

By: Backs in Action

  Order your Custom Foot Orthotic Today! Did you know many Extended Health Care plans cover Custom Foot Orthotics? Many of these plans run on a calendar year, and many […]

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