Mental Health and Covid-19 – Part 2 Tools for Parents and Caregivers

Webinar 2: Tools for Parents and Caregivers

Welcome to the second part of our Back to School Mental Health and Covid-19 Webinar Series dealing with practical tools to help our children and others find ways to better understand, manage and regulate their emotional health and wellbeing. In this episode, Registered Clinical Counsellor Veera Grewal provides some practical tools and strategies to help us to help children cope, manage and better regulate the range of emotions they may feel when things aren’t quite their way they need them to be. The first video in the series dealing with fear and anxiety, along with relevant resources can be seen here. You can also read introductory remarks by Backs in Action Co-Owner and Chiropractor, Dr Farrah Jiwa, on the importance of the series and what you can expect to find out when you watch it.

You can watch the current episode below. Later on this page, you’ll also find helpful resources and tips highlighted in the webinar for you to explore further.