Bike Injury Prevention with Dr. Ryan Takagi, Chiropractor

Given the recent summer months, many of you I’m sure have been biking as a means of transportation. Biking is a great way to get around town, especially to get some extra exercise in and practice social distancing effectively. 

As with any other exercise, it is important to get your stretches in for optimal body movement. Here is a link to one of our blogs on some helpful stretches you can do when you are gearing up to go biking:

Dr. Ryan Takagi, one of our fabulous chiropractors, is a fan of cycling, and he has created some fun informative videos tackling common injuries. Check them out here:

As Dr. Takagi mentions, orthotics can be helpful in preventing and ensuring that things like knee injuries do not happen or worsen.

As with all exercises, sometimes accidents occur, and things like concussions and headaches happen. If you’re looking for treatment for conditions like these, take a look at this blog for further explanation on how chiropractic treatments could help you:

Stay tuned for more content that will be added soon to our website by our chiropractors and staff!