What to Do When You’re Injured At Work (And How to Get Care Quickly)

The Four Steps That Can Speed Up Your Recovery and Access to Care When You Get Hurt On The Job

Unfortunately, getting injured on the job or while working is something we never expect. And yet workplace injuries are too often an occurrence in Canada. The following statistics apply to workers in BC in 2019.

[Source: WorksafeBC]


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However, many people in Vancouver have no idea what to do next. Nor do many realize that most employees have access to worker’s insurance paid for by their employer that gives them access to health and recovery care and also possibly wage-loss benefits, vocational rehabilitation, permanent disability benefits and special services of seriously injured workers.

In 2019, workers in BC missed 3.2 million days of work because of work-related incidents and disease

Follow these steps below for a step-by-step roadmap to help maximize your recovery

  1. Report your work injury immediately to your employer

Your employer is responsible for getting you any necessary first aid and for transporting you to a hospital, clinic or doctor’s office if that’s what you need. Your employer can properly document the situation and document any details related to the injury. These details are important to note when they happen as the incident is fresh and there may be witnesses.

Be sure to keep in touch with your employer if your injury or recovery requires you to be off work. Keeping lines of communication open is key so both of you know what may lie ahead in terms of recovery time and return-to-work plan.

  1. See your doctor and or seek medical attention

Your doctor or emergency room physician will likely recommend treatment for your injury and may refer you to other health care professionals such as a physiotherapist, chiropractor or acupuncturist to address your injury, help manage your pain and help you to recover. If your doctor does make a recommendation or referral, please ask your physician to indicate the service or services you might need and that this is because of a work-related injury. This note is important as WorksafeBC might require it to validate your claim and provide access to ongoing care.

You should always let your health care provider know that you were injured while at work.

Be sure to ask your doctor about what modified duties may look like at work or at home as well as what exercises and stretches you can do at home to help with your recovery. Your physiotherapist or chiropractor will also work with you on your functional abilities and limitations in greater depth once you see them (See Step 4).


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  1. Report your workplace injury to WorksafeBC (WCB)

If you’ve missed work as a result of your injury, call the Worksafe BC Teleclaim Centre. The Teleclaim team will gather your information and answer any questions you may have about making a claim. If you haven’t missed work but have sought medical attention, you can report your injury online here.

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Backs in Action also has a proven record of recovery for patients involved in motor vehicle accidents and is a preferred provider for ICBC claims offering ICBC Physiotherapy, Chiropractic Care, Kinesiology and Active Rehab Services, Acupuncture, Massage and Counselling Services at our multidisciplinary clinic in East Vancouver.

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