How to Choose Proper Fitting Running Shoes

Looking for a Good Running Shoe?

When your foot hits the ground there are ground forces that push back. Running shoes absorb shock when your feet hit the ground, and decrease these forces when your foot makes initial contact with the ground. The type of shoe you choose is important, so that you do not experience foot pain in the future!

Looking for a Good Running Shoe?

How to Choose Good Running Shoes

  1. 1) Determine the type of foot you have
    • Are you a Pronator or Supinator? Do you have a High Arch or a Low Arch? Do you have flat feet when you stand (weight-bear)?
    • The best way to figure this out is to schedule a GaitScan Analysis.
      • A GaitScan Analysis tracks foot function and Gait Patterns.
      • It analyzes deviations from optimal biomechanics and assists our East Vancouver Chiropractor, Dr. Farrah Jiwar, in diagnosing and prescribing solutions for your feet or lower limb issues.
  1. 2) Do you need Custom Foot Orthotics?
    • In combination with a physical examination and assessment of your foot, the GaitScan Analysis determines if you would benefit from Custom Foot Orthotics.
    • Custom Foot Orthotics provide shock absorption, extra cushioning, increased stability and support. They move your feet back into proper alignment resulting in pain relief and comfort while running.
  1. 3) Use Dr. Lustig’s Recommended Running Shoe List to Choose the Shoe That’s Right For You

Getting a Gait Scan Analysis in East Vancouver

Not sure what your foot type is and what type of shoe is the best fit for your feet – Find out if you’re a Pronator or a Supinator – Come into Backs in Action Wellness Centre for a Gait Scan Analysis today. Call or email the office to book a complimentary GaitScan Analysis  and get ready to put your best foot forward and get “Back into Action” before the new year!

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