Do you have Hammer Toes?

Understanding Hammertoe Treatment

Hammer toes are when your toes bend down at the middle toe joint. It is seen more often in adult women and usually occurs in the second toe but may occur in all 3 middle toes. The muscles that control your toes are out of balance and cause the toe to bend into an odd position at the middle toe joint.

Causes of Hammer Toes?

  • Tight Shoes: High Heels
  • Joint disorders (ie: rheumatoid arthritis)
  • Poor blood flow to your feet
  • Injury: Breaking your toe
  • Bunions (learn more about bunions)

Symptoms of Hammer Toes?

  • Pain at the top of the bent toe when putting on shoes
  • Bunions
  • Reduced Balance
  • Calluses at the top of the middle toe joint

Treatment for Hammer Toes?

  • Wear proper fitting shoes
  • Stretching
    • Pull on your toes to stretch the bent joint (hold for several seconds)
  • Custom Foot Orthotics
    • Custom Foot Orthotics cushion the toe and hold the foot and toes in a comfortable position
    • Prevent Metatarsalgia development (learn more about Metatarsalgia)

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