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Did you know many Extended Health Care plans cover Custom Foot Orthotics? Many of these plans run on a calendar year, and many plans cover clients for at least 1 pair each year. As 2014 comes to a close and the holiday season fast approaches, we wish to grant every patients wish to secure their annual custom orthotic benefit! Let’s pamper your feet and get them optimally supported!

Health Care Coverage for Foot Orthotics

If you need assistance confirming your coverage for Custom Foot Orthotics, come into Backs in Action in East Vancouver and we can assist you in finding out if you are eligible for a pair.

Computerized GaitScan Analysis and Postural Assessment

Come in for a Computerized GaitScan Analysis and Postural Assessment with our East Vancouver Chiropractor Dr. Farrah Jiwa and find out if Custom Foot Orthotics could benefit you. There are multiple benefits that these custom inserts offer individuals, including relief from Plantar Fasciitis, Bunions, Shin Splints, lower back pain and more!

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How to Order Your Custom Foot Orthotics

Don’t wait much longer as the deadline for ordering Custom Foot Orthotics for this calendar year is December 10th 2014.

Order today by emailing or calling 604-876-9977.

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