Multimodal Care

Why Is Multimodal and Interdisciplinary Care Important For Our Health?

Holistic, multidisciplinary, integrative – what do all of these terms have in common? Each of these words describe the act of looking at something in its many facets. You can often achieve better results when you look at improving a situation from a variety of angles, and that is exactly what multimodal care can do for you.

When it comes to your health, would you rather have a single person in charge or a team dedicated to your wellbeing? At Backs in Action, we believe that having access to an award-winning team of health care professionals who think about the body in overlapping but unique ways allows us to reach our goals and maximum potential much faster. Our bodies are all different, as are our life experiences. We don’t all want a template experience when it comes to our health. We want our healthcare to be customized for our needs and goals. We want our treatment plans to be personalized and we want our medical partners to work alongside us, cheer us on and help us get back on track when we falter. 

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At Backs in Action, we know our health and wellbeing doesn’t follow a set formula. Each of our therapists treats you as an individual with unique health concerns. Our team has a vast toolkit, diagnostic and treatment approaches and, most importantly, work together to ensure that you have the best quality care possible. Each practitioner has the insight of other practitioners, access to your charts so that they can determine the best treatment protocols for your needs. As importantly, they work collaboratively to give you the best possible care.

This is especially important for patients with chronic pain and long-standing issues, complex musculoskeletal conditions and concussion and imbalances in their vestibular system. It is equally important for patients who have been

Treatment options we offer include:

Is Multimodal Care Your Answer to Getting Better Faster?

Call 604-876-9977 to tell us what problems you are facing and to learn how our East Vancouver Multidisciplinary Clinic can help. We will develop a custom treatment plan that will address both the healing and strengthening of your body, returning you to your optimum level of health as quickly as possible.

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How does the team cross-pollinate ideas?

Our team keeps is in contact about important topics, and we also meet in person during in-clinic information sessions to brainstorm and share best practices and treatment plans. We also share charts and notes to relay important information. Individually, our practitioners engage in continuing education to further their knowledge, allowing for an ever-evolving practice.

There are multitudes of benefits from engaging in multimodal care – the most obvious benefit being a more thorough and longer-lasting recovery. Our blend of in-clinic and take-home exercises with telehealth options in many cases allows you freedom in your treatment plan. Since we’re able to work with WorkSafe BC (sometimes called WCB) and ICBC, among other organizations, our practitioners also have significant experience with post-motor vehicle accident cases, and can help you through whatever symptoms you may be experiencing. 

Our clinic has also been engaged in various lunch and learns with the community, encouraging outreach and education about how to improve overall health and wellbeing. 

What can each treatment offer me?


Chiropractic Care directly influences the restoration of your motion. When your motion is restored, function is also restored and tension is release off the nerves.

Our Chiropractic Doctors offer you support in taking care of your spine, posture and alignment through a variety of hands-on treatments, as well as take-home treatments like custom orthotics, custom compression hosiery and custom bracing. Annoying symptoms that manifest in other parts of the body can be tracked back to spinal and postural misalignments, and you may be surprised at how much of a positive ripple effect can come out of a chiropractic appointment. Our Chiropractic Doctors are also well versed in concussion management and treatments.

Hands-on treatments offered include Graston and instrument-assisted soft tissue therapy (IASTM), active release technique (ART), arthrostim, fascial stretching, kinesiotaping, spinal and extremity manipulation, lymphatic drainage, pregnancy/paediatric/geriatric care, drop table techniques, posture management, and concussion/sports injury management, among others.


Physiotherapy helps to decrease pain and improve function by recognizing and treating muscle imbalances.

Our Registered Physiotherapists can help get your body back into optimal working shape by educating you on how your body works; health promotion, injury prevention, and fitness training are part of this. They can work with you to develop a training and exercise program, assess and treat symptoms of illness, injury and disability. In-clinic treatments might include exercise sessions or manual one-on-one table work as your Physiotherapist mobilizes your body through a variety of soft tissue and other hands-on techniques. 

Our Physiotherapists can also help you work through ergonomic assessments, post-operative and post-surgical rehabilitation, and have you fitted for bracing.


Kinesiology and Active Rehab build upon your physiotherapy care, building your strength and getting you moving, counteracting all the damage and stasis created by sitting for most of the day.

Our Kinesiologists are experts when it comes to human movement, and muscular and skeletal systems. They can work with you to actively guide you through exercises after a motor vehicle accident, especially if you are an ICBC eligible patient and are looking for Active Rehab. They are well versed in ergonomic recommendations, health and fitness promotion, and injury prevention and recovery. Our kinesiologists are also specially trained in GLA:D, which is an evidence-based program for those with knee and hip Osteoarthritis (OA).

Ask us about booking in for personal training sessions!


Acupuncture helps to optimize the body’s healing and energy systems, relieve stress and pain and reactivate blockages that are pooling in parts of your body.

Acupuncture is an ancient practice used in various parts of the world, namely originating in China. It is still in use today, and our practitioners combine their acupuncture therapy techniques (both body acupuncture and facial acupuncture) with cupping and gua sha and some more modern techniques like electrostimulation of needles (electroacupuncture). Acupuncture moves stagnation and Qi (energy, life force) through the body so that you can experience a more comfortable daily approach to your life. Facial acupuncture improves circulation in your face, which improves skin tone and texture, as well as the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines. It can be much gentler than some people realize, and is great for putting your body into parasympathetic mode so you can really rest, relax, and rejuvenate the body. 

If you aren’t convinced to try it out yet, our Acupuncturists were also just selected by our patients as a winner in the Stars of Vancouver 2021 contest, held by the Georgia Straight.


RMT Massage

Massage provides relief to tired and tense muscles, activates our body’s responses to touch and lowers the pain we’re feeling.

Massage is a well-loved therapeutic modality because of its evidence-based efficacy in alleviating stress, muscular overuse and chronic pain. Patients get to lie down and have their muscles and body nudged back into alignment at the hands of our Registered Massage Therapists. Varieties of massage offered include deep tissue massage, craniosacral therapy, and swedish massage, among others. Our RMTs can also help you with joint mobilization and pain management. 

You don’t have to wait for an injury to book in for massage; it can also aid in prevention of future injuries and discomfort.

Here is some research on the benefits of massage if you’re curious.


Counselling helps the mind cope with trauma, stress and anxiety and provide tools for dealing with future events.

Improving one’s mental and emotional health is just one of the benefits of counselling. Our Registered Clinical Counsellors can help you work through anxiety, depression, grief, relationship difficulties, addictions, and trauma related to motor-vehicle accidents. Techniques include Mindfulness and Somatic Therapies, Cognitive Therapies, Emotionally Focused Technique (EFT) and Trauma based interventions like Observed and Experiential Integration. Consider booking in for counselling if you would like insight into your thought and behavioural patterns and would like help moving past any blocks in your life.

Veera Grewal, RCC, has also recently put together 3 of 4 videos in her Mental Health during Covid series – check it out here.

Medical News Today has written some interesting notes on the benefits of counselling here.

The Takeaway: Benefits of Multimodal Care

Having a collection of therapies under one roof means that you don’t have to travel across the city for your appointments. You don’t have to fax paperwork between clinics to gain approval from ICBC, and you can rest assured knowing that your healthcare team is able to see and communicate with each other; that your care plan is comprehensive and properly tailored to you. It also means that you can book in for multiple treatments at the same location on the same day and enjoy a faster recovery. 

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