Can Good Nutrition Translate to Good Tasting Food?

Good Nutrition & Cooking Good Tasting Food

When someone talks to you about how healthy their diet is and how good their food tastes, many people are interested in what they eat. Can food that is good for you taste as good as, if not better than food that is not healthy?

At Backs in Action we believe that good nutrition can translate to good tasting food! Here are some tips to delicious home cooking!

Add more plants to your diet

  • When referring to a plant based menu, we are talking about fruits, vegetables, whole grains and legumes
    • Many cultures are known for pairing plant based diets with lean proteins including but not limited to; Mediterranean, Latin American and Asian cultures
    • Plant Based Diets have benefits including
      • Longer life expectancy
      • Reduced heart disease

Eat local

    • Local foods are fresher and often have higher nutrition content
      • This is due to the fact that they spend less time being shipped
    • An added benefit is that when buying local you are supporting a local business and giving back to your community

Spice up your food

  • Spices and herbs make all the difference when you are trying to make a mouthwatering meal
  • Ensure your spices retain their flavor and quality by:
    • Buying fresh spices in small quantities
    • Storing your spices in a cool, dry place

Switch it up with Whole Grains

  • Whole grains are more nutritious than refined grains and keep you fuller longer
    • They are rich in fiber, Vitamin E and magnesium
  • Add whole grains to your everyday diet by:
    • Using whole grain bread, pasta and brown rice
    • Trying spelt or faro flour
    • Eating whole grain cereals and dressing them up with fruit, and nuts
      • For example: Steel Cut Oats

Try to utilize these tips for nutritious and good tasting cooking at home! Share your tips on healthy eating or your favorite tasty healthy meal on Facebook or Google+!

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