6 Ways to Make a Change in Your Eating Habits (Part One)

How to Change Your Eating Habits (Part 1)

Many people admit that they don’t have great eating habits, so how does one create a healthy diet? How do I start incorporating more healthy meals? These questions are on the forefront of many of our patients here at Backs in Action Wellness Centre, so we thought we would begin the discussion with 6 things to create a healthful diet!

1) Learn to think about food in a new way- expand and diversify!

Instead of thinking of the traditional meat and potatoes, expand your diet to include vegetables, fruits, whole grains, nuts and fish!

2) Experiment with new recipes and meal plans

  • Instead of dreading your new diet, have fun trying out new recipes
    • New healthy recipes can open your eyes to foods that you may love or you may find out what you really don’t like.
    • Either way, you can incorporate these healthy recipes into your everyday life.
  • Spice it up!
    • Combine your favorite ingredients with a new spice or in a dressing and change it up.
  • Try out some of the recipes on our blog here 

3) Change slowly

  • Target one item a week to change in your diet. Remember, changes do not happen overnight.
  • What substitutions can I make?
    • Breakfast: Switch from bacon, white toast or bagels to whole grain bread, oatmeal and fruit. If you don’t eat a sit down meal, try high fiber cereal bars or better yet a smoothie!
    • Lunch: Instead of burgers and fries, try to add in salads, tuna sandwiches and fruit.
    • Dinner: Incorporate more fish, beans, brown rice, veggies and whole wheat pasta.
    • Snacks: Try eating a handful of mixed nuts, raw veggies, hummus, greek yogurt or trail mix.
    • Desserts: It is okay to have the occasional slice of cake or pie, just try to watch your portions!
    • Drinks: Substitute pop and juice with water! Flavor your water with lemons, limes, cucumbers and strawberries.

Stay tuned  for tips 4-6In the interim if this info excites you, call in to book an appointment! We provide Chiropractic, Massage Therapy, Custom Foot Orthotics and Compression Hosiery. In addition to these services that we provide we help guide patients on core exercises including core stability work and provide tips on healthy lifestyles. Let’s work together to a better, healthier 2015!

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