6 Ways to Make a Change in Your Eating Habits (Part Two)

How to Change Your Eating Habits (Part 2)

Many people admit that they don’t have great eating habits, so how does one create a healthy diet? How do I start incorporating more healthy meals? These questions are on the forefront of many of our patients here at Backs in Action Wellness Centre, so we thought we would continue the discussion on 6 things to create a healthful diet!

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4) Be relaxed about your diet

  • Take your tastes and preferences into account when choosing what healthy foods to incorporate. If you love steak, it is okay to eat it just try to make it a treat and not a daily staple.
  • Remember the better your overall diet, the more room you have to indulge your passions.

5) Take a long range view

  • If you slip up from time to time, don’t get down on yourself.
  • If you worry about every mouthful, you will never get to enjoy your food. Instead remember that your nutritional peaks and valleys balance if your overall diet is healthy!

6) Portion Control is key

  • Replace 3 large meals with 5 smaller meals and eat more frequently throughout the day
    • Helps maintain blood glucose levels
    • Helps you maintain a healthier weight by limiting the body from converting our food to storage (fat)
  • Enjoying everything in a balanced way and in moderation takes you a long way.

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