Vancouver Chiropractor Tips: 10 Tips for a Healthy Back

Chiropractor Tips: 10 Tips for a Healthy Back

1) Drink 8 Glasses of Water Every Day: Your spinal discs require water to keep functioning properly.

2) Eat Healthy and Nutritious Meals: Eating healthy promotes increased bone mass thus preventing osteoporosis.

3) Get 15 Minutes of Physical Activity Every Day: Increasing the amount of physical activity you get daily increases your energy level. Exercise also promotes movement and lubrication of joints.

4) Stretch It Out: Stretching helps keep your back limber and prevents unnecessary injury from tight muscles.

5) Lift Safe: When lifting anything; hold the item close to you, keep your back straight, bend with your knees and use your leg muscles to lift instead of your lower back muscles.

6) Sleep on Your Side or Your Back: Sleeping on your stomach leads to stress and strain on your muscles. Sleeping on your back or your side allows your body to return to its natural alignment.

7) Stand up Straight: Good posture promotes circulation, and prevents wear and tear on your joints. Slouching makes your muscles work harder to keep your body upright resulting in back pain.

8) Strengthen Your Core: Stretches and exercises that involve your core promote good posture and keep your spine upright.

9) Take a Break: Sitting is a very stressful position for your lower back. When sitting for long periods of time; get up and take a walk whether it be to the bathroom to the break room or just to stand up and stretch.

10) Lastly, Get Regular Spinal Checkups by Your Chiropractor!