5 Tips for the Garden Lover from our Vancouver Chiropractor

Vancouver Chiropractic Gardening Tips

As the weather warms up, many people will be spending time outside mowing the lawn, pulling weeds and planting flowers. Gardening is a great outdoor activity and can be very enjoyable, but it is important to warm up your muscles before planting your masterpiece.

Our Vancouver chiropractor has some tips for the garden lover!

Tips before gardening

1. Wear sunscreen to protect your skin from harmful UVA and UVB rays

2. Take a water bottle outside with you to avoid dehydration

The discs of your spine need water to keep functioning properly

3. Wear flat, comfortable shoesthat offer support to your feet

Ask a chiropractor about custom orthotic shoes for gardening

4. Stretch various muscles of your body throughout your time gardening

Ie: shoulders, lower back, quads

5. The Hamstring Stretch is a favorite of our Vancouver chiropractor

– Sit down and put your right heel on a stool or a step

– Keep your knees straight and lean forward

– You should feel a stretch in the hamstring muscle (back of the thigh to the knee)

– Hold for 15 seconds and repeat on same leg

– Switch legs and repeat exercise

Stretches, postural education, and home exercises are often prescribed as part of the treatment from our Vancouver Chiropractors. For more tips and information send us an email! 

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Also look out for our next blog providing some tips while gardening and tips to alleviate pain, back pain, and stiffness after a day in the garden!