Vancouver Chiropractor: Tips to Alleviate Pain after a Day in the Garden

Alleviate Gardening Back Pain: Vancouver Chiropractic Tips

Our Vancouver Chiropractor, Dr Farrah Jiwa, wants to help you alleviate back pain and stiffness while you’re in the garden pruning your hedges, pulling your weeds and planting your masterpieces!

Tips while gardening

1. Kneel when gardening

2. Make sure when you pull weeds to pull with your legs rather than your back and keep your spine straight, it will help reduce unnecessary back pain

3. Make sure to take breaks and stretch

– Alternate your stance and movements as often as you can to keep the body balanced

4. Drink water and keep hydrated

Tips to alleviate pain/stiffness after a day in the garden

  • Arms and Shoulders Chiropractic Stretches
    • Shoulder Rolls: Let your arms hang at your sides and rotate your shoulders back and forth)  Vancouver chiropractor Tips to alleviate pain/stiffness after a day in the garden, Arms and Shoulders
    • Hug yourself and rotate at the waist to the left and right.
    • Tricep Stretch: Pull/Stretch one arm across the chest to the other side 
  • Quadricep Chiropractic Stretch
    Quadricep Stretch Backs In Action Vancouver Chiropractic back pain

    Stand up and balance yourself

    • Bend your knee and grab the front of your right ankle with your left hand
    • Pull your heel towards your buttocks
    • Hold for 12 seconds and repeat
    • Switch legs and repeat exercise
  • Alternate Ice and Heat in the areas you are sore

Chiropractic Adjustment: Come visit Dr. Jiwa, a Vancouver chiropractor today. Ensure your joints and muscles are not stiff and sore! Keep yourself mobile and moving!

Chiropractic Stretches, posture education, and home exercises are often part of the treatment plan prescribed at our Vancouver Chiropractor Clinic.

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