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How can you limit the Damage of Screen-Time Related Pain?

By: Backs in Action

How To Avoid Screen-Time Related Pain Canadians spend more time than ever before on a computer, tablet or smart phone. With the rise of screen time, more and more people […]


Looking to Enhance the Effects of Your Treatment?

By: Backs in Action

Pain Relieving Gel At Backs in Action we provide our patients with many tools to enhance the effects of Chiropractic and Massage Therapy. One of these tools is Cryoderm. For another pain […]


Chiropractic App Improves Posture

By: Backs in Action

Straighten Up Canada: Feel Taller and Stronger Today Do you spend most of your day sitting? Driving, working at a desk, watching TV and reading are all seated activities and […]


Preventing Back Pain & Back Injuries When Raking Leaves

By: Backs in Action

Pain Free Raking Tips! Fall is always beautiful in Vancouver. The changing of seasons brings an array of colors, from pale yellows to vibrant reds. If you’re a homeowner, the […]


Chiropractic: Myths, Facts, and Answers Part 2

By: Backs in Action

 Chiropractic Care Myth Busting – Part 2 Chiropractic medicine seems to be a mysterious profession to most people.  As a Chiropractic Doctor, I often have people ask me questions and I’m happy […]


Pregnancy Back Pain Treatment East Vancouver Wellness Centre

By: Backs in Action

Back Pain and Pregnancy: Tips for Relief! During the course of pregnancy 50-80% of women experience some form of pregnancy related back pain. As your uterus expands your core muscles […]


Chiropractic for a Better Golf Game: Stretches for Golf

By: Backs in Action

Vancouver Sports Chiropractic: Chiropractic Treatment for Golf Back Pain Twisted postures, bent-over stances and swings that generate a great deal of torque repeated over 3-4 hours are a recipe for […]

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