Looking to Enhance the Effects of Your Treatment?

Pain Relieving Gel

At Backs in Action we provide our patients with many tools to enhance the effects of Chiropractic and Massage Therapy. One of these tools is Cryoderm.

For another pain relieving gel option, we recommend reading our post on using Biofreeze.

What is Cryoderm?

  • Fast acting, deep penetrating, long lasting pain relieving gel.

o   It has a clear water based formula so it never clumps or peels off the skin.

o   Contains no artificial colors or isopropyl alcohol.

  • Provides pain relief for muscle sprains, strains, stiff/sore muscles, arthritis, joint pain and much more.
  • Can be used pre and post workout, and to complement Massage Therapy and Chiropractic.
  • Cryoderm is an all natural cold therapy made with plant extract and oils.

Ingredients in Cryoderm?

  • Arnica

o   Effective in reducing bruising, swelling, and edema. 1

  • Boswelia

o   Anti- arthritic and anti-inflammatory properties 2

o   Reduces swelling

  • Eucalyptus

o   Pain reliever with warming properties

o   Natural Anti-bacterial

  • Ilex

o   Reduces pain, swelling and loosens stiff joints

  • Menthol

o   Anti- inflammatory and pain reliever

o   Cooling Properties

  • Peppermint Oil

o   Anesthetic properties

o   Creates a icey-cool sensation

How does Cryoderm work?

  • Cryoderm targets the pain spasm cycle

o   Relieves muscle spasms

o   Reduces Inflammation

o   Decrease spindle cell response

Pain Treatment at Backs in Action in East Vancouver

Our patients like to take a bottle of the Roll-On Gel home to help them manage pain and discomfort as well as in between Massage or Chiropractic treatments to help speed up the body’s natural healing process. Come into Backs in Action today to find out if Cryoderm is right for you!

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1) University of Maryland Medical Center: http://umm.edu/health/medical/altmed/herb/arnica
2) Arthritis Foundation: http://www.arthritistoday.org/arthritis-treatment/natural-and-alternative-treatments/supplements-and-herbs/supplement-guide/indian-frankincense.php