Preventing Back Pain & Back Injuries When Raking Leaves

Pain Free Raking Tips!

Fall is always beautiful in Vancouver. The changing of seasons brings an array of colors, from pale yellows to vibrant reds.

If you’re a homeowner, the change in seasons means leaf raking. Raking is a physically taxing chore and it involves repetitive twisting, pulling, bending and lifting. If done improperly it can lead to back pain and/or neck pain!

At Backs in Action in East Vancouver we have some helpful tips for raking leaves, so you can avoid back and/or neck pain!

Do a 10 minute warmup before raking

o    Gently stretch your neck, shoulders, hips and legs to prevent injury

o    Check out the stretches on our blog or Youtube Page!

o    Check out the Canadian Chiropractic Associations recommended stretches for raking here

Use your legs when raking, instead of twisting your back

o    When you use your legs to pivot, it takes the strain off your lower back

o    Instead of twisting to throw leaves over your shoulder, take a step in the direction you want to throw them

o    Your legs should carry your weight not your back

Take breaks when you’re tired

o    Take time out to rest and stretch to loosen tense muscles

Take your time when raking

o    Avoid extreme reaching and pulling and instead rake with even small strokes

o    Make small piles of leaves instead of overly large piles

o    Lifting heavy piles can lead to neck injury

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