Fall Prevention

Improving your balance and strength this fall

It’s October – the leaves are changing colour, and the weather outside is getting chillier. With the change of seasons as we bundle up, you may want to consider taking steps towards preventing falls. Slippery leaves and patches of ice are more frequent, and it is as good a time as ever to improve your balance and strength. According to “physiocanhelp.ca”, falls are most common in those upwards of 65 years of age, so share this information with your family, especially your grandparents. Slips and falls can have more negative consequences for our older populations due to higher risks of fractures.

Physiotherapy is highly effective in preventing and reducing the risk of falls, and in the assessment and management of fall-related injuries in older adults. Falls are a major cause of injury, disability, and mortality in seniors.

Our physiotherapists can help you with:
– Creating a plan to make your home safer
– How to get up safely if you do fall
– Creating activity and exercise plans to build strength and mobility for you

Proper exercise helps you retain bone strength, which is another key factor in preventing falls.

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Check out this article on Physiocanhelp to learn more about how Physiotherapists can help and more tips on preventing falls for seniors: