Facial Acupuncture


Let’s Face It – Time Can Take its Toll on Our Faces!

Botox, facelifts, anti-aging creams and lotions all promise rejuvenation and youthfulness. But have you heard of facial acupuncture? Facial acupuncture goes far beyond cosmetic improvements to improve skin tone, reduce wrinkles and fine lines while also increasing the circulation in our faces for that wonderful glow that we all aspire to – which in turn is a sign of health and energy.

What Exactly Is Facial Rejuvenation Acupuncture?

Acupuncture, steeped in the system of Chinese Traditional Medicine, is based on the idea that energy channels that are dispersed around the body (also known as meridians) can be stimulated to boost energy, or qi, and blood flow. The same practice can be used to stimulate points on the face and to revitalize it. This facilitates the shrinking of one’s facial muscles and in turn tightens the gaps between the skin and muscles underneath. It also helps to produce facial collagen & elastin, which in turn fills fine lines, reduces wrinkles and increases the elasticity of the skin.

Interested in facial acupuncture? You can book your facial acupuncture session with our registered acupuncturist Sungwoon Shawn Tjen. Also feel free to contact us with any questions you may have about the treatment.


Why Does Our Skin Sag?

So, what happens to the skin in the first place to make it age? The main proteins in skin that give it the ability to bounce back, collagen and elastin, decrease over time resulting in “sagging” skin. As this happens, we may see the development of fine lines, wrinkles, dark circles, and drooping skin around the eyes and mouth. These changes to our facial composition and appearance can prematurely age our faces and necks. While these changes may be an inevitable result of aging, they can be counteracted and reversed!

What Happens in a Standard Treatment?

Facial acupuncture or facial rejuvenation acupuncture as it is sometimes called is a non-surgical procedure involving tiny needles specially designed for this purpose. Unlike plastic surgery, there isn’t a long recovery time or residual pain after a treatment. Your acupuncturist begins by assessing your face and neck. The patient and acupuncturist then come together to make decisions on where you could benefit most from facial acupuncture. The acupuncturist will begin their treatment by then inserting these specially designed needles, which are extremely fine, into the acupoints on your face, neck, and bodily extremities. Needles are placed at shallow depths which aim to increase the energy flow to specific sites on the face. They are left inserted for about 15-20 minutes, similar to conventional acupuncture sessions. The idea of distributing needles beyond the face is to promote whole-body circulation of both energy and blood for optimal results. In total, a patient usually receives between 30 to 40 needles between the face, neck, and body depending on the specific conditions that is being treated. Too many needles in the face alone can actually cause energy congestion and ends up being counter to the purpose of the session.

The frequency of treatments will depend on each individual’s needs. Your acupuncturist will be able to provide a treatment protocol outlining the frequency and number of sessions that are required. On average, a patient may need between 10-15 sessions, up to twice a week for maximum benefits and optimal results.

Facial acupuncture is covered by extended health plans that include acupuncture. At Backs in Action, we direct bill to the following companies.


How Does Facial Rejuvenation Acupuncture Work to Give You That Firm, Younger Looking Skin?

The needles inserted into your skin cause what are called ‘micro-traumas’ on the dermal layer of your face – which isn’t nearly as scary as it sounds! These tiny pin-pricks alert the immune system to flood the area under the skin with blood, energy, collagen and elastin. This production of collagen and elastin, along with a fresh influx of blood, gives the surrounding skin a firmness boost of by filling the gaps between your skin and the muscle layers which results in smoothing out fine lines and wrinkles. Its added effects also include hydration and brightening of the skin for an overall youthful radiance!

When the needle creates this micro-trauma, it removes blockages of stagnant blood and trapped energy, which further helps to flush the skin of toxins and provides the skin with a new vivacity and exuberance which shines through. This can help reduce puffiness and replace that puffiness with tighter, firmer skin.

Although facial acupuncture is a relatively pain-less experience, patients may experience slight redness or bruising around the needled area. This is completely normal and is a result of the very small blood vessels in the face being punctured by the insertion of needles. To counteract this redness or bruising, your acupuncturist will administers an ultrasonic massage and special cream after each treatment which will nourish and soothe the face. This aids in the healing process and overall health of your skin and is an important step in the treatment as it reduces the skin’s irritability and leads to better results.

It’s important to make sure you’re receiving treatment from a certified Facial Rejuvenation Acupuncturist. They should have completed specific training in Facial Rejuvenation Acupuncture and have knowledge of the facial structure and its inner workings. You should feel comfortable that they know what they’re doing and should explain the procedure they’re about to perform.