How a Physiotherapist Can Help Improve Your Fitness

Getting and staying fit can be hard when you are experiencing limited mobility or pain in your joints and back. At Backs in Action, we want everyone to be healthy, fit, and pain-free.

Physiotherapy Vancouver: What Is Being Fit?

Being fit isn’t about being skinny or a top athlete. It’s about being in a state of health and well-being, whatever that looks like for you as an individual. Fitness means that you are flexible, agile, strong, and powerful. This does not mean you need to look like a bodybuilder or work out in the gym for an hour five days a week. Though, daily movement is essential for your overall health.

When you are fit, you have better posture, more agility, better balance, and are more resistant to injury. Regardless of your age, you can be fit. With the right exercises and consistent movement, you can improve your overall well-being and feel better than ever.

Sometimes, though, you need a little help from those who specialize in movement. If you are experiencing pain in your joints or have limited mobility in one or more areas of your body, a physiotherapist can help you.

Why Should I Find a Physiotherapist Near Me?

A physiotherapist can significantly improve your quality of life through their techniques. To benefit from physiotherapy, you do not need to be in severe or excruciating pain. In fact, those with nagging, dull aches and pains can benefit immensely from physio.

Those persistent aches and pains that just never seem to go away can really have a negative impact on your life. They can make it hard to get out of bed and get going and can also decrease your motivation to exercise or participate in other physical activities. When you address the root cause of your pain, you can start feeling better and be more motivated in your journey to becoming strong and fit.

Is Physiotherapy Right for You?

Anyone and everyone can benefit from physiotherapy, regardless of their profession and fitness levels. A physiotherapist can teach you simple low impact, corrective exercises and stretches that will relieve pain and tightness that results from long periods of sitting at a desk or intense exercising, which will improve your range of motion, flexibility, and recovery time. When your body feels good, it makes it easier to follow your fitness plan and get and stay moving.

Being fit means being ready for action and working towards injury prevention. It also means being able to handle or recover from injuries when they do happen.

When you come to see us at Backs in Action, we will create a custom treatment plan based on the problems you are facing and your fitness goals. Our treatment plan will help you heal and strengthen your body, allowing you to achieve your best level of health.

What to Expect From Your First Physio Appointment

During your first visit, we will discuss in detail the history of what is plaguing you, including how the problem started and how it is impacting your daily life. We will work with you to come up with goals to improve your fitness levels, help make your day-to-day tasks easier, get you out of pain, and just plain make you feel better. We will also do a physical assessment that will:

  • Check your posture
  • Test your muscle strength, ligaments, tendons, and nerves
  • Examine your range of motion
  • Check your balance and walking
  • Measure how much you are able to lift and/or carry

This assessment will allow our physiotherapist to diagnose your problem and create a custom-tailored treatment plan. This plan could involve different techniques such as manual therapy, stretching, pain management exercises, and technology such as lasers and ultrasound. Your treatment plan will also likely include a variety of different stretches and exercises to be done at home between visits.

Are you currently happy with your fitness level? Are you desiring a stronger, healthier version of yourself? Come see our physiotherapist for a full assessment.

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