With a Healthy Heart, the Beat Goes On!

More Physical Activity – More Benefits!

Happy Valentine’s Day &  Happy Heart Month from all of us at Backs in Action Rehab & Wellness Centre (BiA). February is a time to focus on and celebrate heart health. Our physiotherapists at BiA want to share with you some warm and fuzzy ways they can help you get your heart health back in action!

Canadian Physical Activity Guidelines state for adults 18-64 years, a minimum of 150min/wk of moderate- to vigorous-intensity aerobic physical activity is required to see health benefits including reduced risk of heart disease, stroke,and high blood pressure. The 150min total must consist of at least 10min continuous sessions.

Physiotherapists can help you to reach this goal in many ways:

Goal setting – Physiotherapists can help you identify and set attainable physical activity goals.

Physical screening – You do not have to wait for an injury to see a physiotherapist. Identifying areas of muscle imbalance or biomechanical issues can prevent injuries from occurring, especially when embarking on a new physical activity program.

Injury rehabilitation – In the event that an injury does occur, physiotherapists can deliver various manual therapy techniques to help optimize the body’s natural healing process; they can also prescribe exercises to help recovery and prevention of future injuries.

Postural retraining – With so many of us working long hours at computers, sitting at desks, and checking our phones, muscle and joint pain due to postural dysfunction can make physical activity difficult. Physiotherapists can assess and treat postural dysfunction using manual therapy techniques as well as designing a home exercise program that addresses individual needs.

Self-management – Physiotherapists can provide you with the education and tools to help you maintain physical health and activity as you complete your rehabilitation.

Are you ready to get your heart health on?

Contact our East Vancouver Physiotherapy clinic today or book an appointment online with one of our amazing Physiotherapists! Our team is here 6 days a week to accommodate your needs. We provide direct billing to most extended health care plans, ICBC and Worksafe. We look forward to getting your heart pumping!

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