Racquet Sports: Prevention & Rehabilitation of Common Injuries

Stretching and Strength Training for Prevention & Rehabilitation

Stretching and strength training while following the advice of a professional physiotherapist or chiropractor are imperative parts of the prevention and rehabilitation of sports injuries. Some, however, require additional preventative and treatment measures. Let’s take a look at some of the most common injuries we see in racquet sports as well as how our team of experts can help.

Common Sports Injuries in Racquet Sports


Though many people call this issue tennis elbow, its medical name is lateral epicondylitis. It occurs when tendons around the elbow get inflamed from overuse. You can take several steps to prevent and treat such issues. Icing and resting the area can help by reducing the swelling and pain. For players with more extreme cases, physiotherapy or a trip to the chiropractor in East Vancouver are great options to consider.

Some racquet sports injuries are more likely than others, and even the most careful players get hurt. A practitioner experienced in sports injuries can provide the guidance you need in order for you to make a full recovery.

Wrist Injuries

Your wrists are another vulnerable point that commonly sustains injuries. These injuries often occur when a player hits a ball (or other projectiles) too late or alters their grip, so learning the correct grip is vital. Already-injured wrists benefit from RICE (rest, ice, compression, and elevation) and immobilization. If your injury doesn’t improve, seek help from a medical professional like a physiotherapist.

Shoulder Injuries

Racquet sports players can experience shoulder pain from excessive overheads or serves. As previously mentioned, the key to preventing this issue is strength training of the shoulder muscles. Once your shoulders are on the mend, strength training is once again appropriate. Athletes should refrain from engaging in movements that cause shoulder pain.

Back Injuries

Tennis, squash, racquetball, and similar sports involve twisting and bending to transfer energy from the core to the arm, from the arm to the racquet, and into the ball. Stress fractures in the lower spine are relatively common. Prevention includes serving less often and avoiding overhead serves.

As for rehabilitation, rest comes first. Physiotherapy to strengthen your lower back and core while increasing flexibility might be necessary. Chiropractic can also help with acute back pain helping to release pressure and often leading to instant relief. If nothing improves, a player might need more intense medical treatment. Back braces are also helpful in some cases.

Hips and Groin

Twisting motions and directional changes can hurt your hips and groin. Such movements sometimes cause avulsion fractures, which happen when muscles or tendons move away from the bones. Treatment is a bit more complex than prevention. First, athletes should immediately stop playing if they hear a pop or experience swelling. An X-ray is usually necessary. RICE, when followed by flexibility and strength training, are excellent treatments.


Moving side to side and abruptly changing direction are good ways to sprain an ankle. The first line of treatment is RICE, though sometimes an ankle brace is necessary. Once the ankle has healed somewhat, a physiotherapist can help the player rebuild strength and flexibility.

Recover Faster with Chiro & Physio in East Vancouver

There are measures you can take to make sure your body has the fewest weak spots possible, reducing the likelihood of injury. But eventually, we all get injured. Knowing how to aid your body in healing and which professionals to reach out to can mean a faster recovery. Experienced practitioners can also give you tips on how to prevent similar injuries in the future.

To learn more about preventing injuries or to get treatment for one you already have, contact a physiotherapist or chiropractor in East Vancouver from Backs in Action—we’re eager to help!

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