Not Quite Ready for HIIT Workouts? Try AMRAP

HIIT Workouts May Not Be For Everyone, AMRAP is a Great Way To Build Your Stamina and Form

High intensity interval training (HIIT) is an efficient way to intersperse activity within a busy day. As opposed to going for a long, steady run, HIIT workouts take only a few minutes and have equally positive outcomes, such as increased VO2 (the maximum amount of oxygen you can during exercise), increased cardiovascular function, and increased metabolic rate.

In this video, Kinesiologist and UBC Assistant Coach for Women’s Rowing, Zoe Fettig-Winn helps you move continuously at a submaximal pace from one exercise to another, completing “as many rounds as possible” (AMRAP) in 5 minutes. This concept is called “AMRAP.” This “AMRAP” format, is a great precursor to HIIT workouts, as it gets us working at a moderately-high intensity, with enough energy to pay attention to movement quality. Practice moving well, with strong posture and proper joint alignment, before progressing to HIIT workouts.


Here’s a summary. Watch the video if you’re unsure about the form

  1. Squats (10 reps)
  2. Squats to Knee drives (5 reps per side)
  3. Squat pulses (20 reps)
  4. Alternating ground taps (5 reps per side)
  5. Footballers (10 reps)
  6. High knees (20 reps per side)
  7. Slow mountain climbers (1o reps per side)
  8. Mountain climbers (20 reps per side)

…and repeat


5- minute cardio HIIT
1. Squats
10 reps
With feet shoulder width apart, sit down into an imaginary chair. Push feet down into the floor to stand up tall, and repeat. Work at a depth and speed that feels good to you, and don’t forget to keep your knees out over (not inside of!) your toes.2. Squat to knee drive
5 reps per side
Work on your dynamic balance as you transfer weight from two legs to one! From the bottom of your squat, push down with one leg as you drive the opposite knee to your chest. Change feet each rep. 3. Squat pulses
20 reps
Spend time under tension with mini pulses at the depth of your squat. With a strong core and back, bounce the hips from the depth of your squat, up 2 inches, and back again. Embrace the burn!4. Alternating ground taps
5 reps per side
Starting with feet together, step out to a wide sumo squat. Use this wide stance to drop the hips low, and tap hands to the ground. Alternate sides each rep to keep things even.5. Footballers
10 reps
Build on the previous exercise by adding some airtime! Jump from narrow to wide stance, dropping the hips low to touch the ground on the way out.

6. High knees
20 reps per side
Pump your arms to help drive your knees as high as you can! Big runs on the spot may be simple, but they’re guaranteed to get your heart pumping (if it wasn’t already)!

7. Slow mountain climbers
10 reps per side
From high plank, drive knees up one at a time toward your chest. Take your time with this to ensure your hips stay as still and stable as possible. A great core challenge!

8. Mountain climbers
20 reps per side
Increase your speed to run on the spot, horizontally! Keep hips low and shoulders over the fingertips.

To increase challenge, add weights, increase reps or sets, and move consistently from one exercise to the next with little to no rest.

To make things easier, take breaks or decrease reps as needed. Work to your own ability – something is always better than nothing!


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