March 2021 Newsletter

Happy March!

We are thrilled to spring forward with our growing team to support you along the path to a stronger, more resilient you! Spring is just around the corner with longer daylight hours ahead. Remember it is never too late to reach out to one of our BIA team members and get yourself on a customized program to get your spine aligned, your muscles stronger and to lead a mentally resilient life! We’ve got your back. We have convenient hours, including until 6pm on Saturdays, to serve you better. All you need to do is call us or book online.

In this Newsletter

Introducing Physiotherapist Andrew Moussavi who increases our afternoon and evening offerings

Our new ICBC pamphlet to help you make sense of what treatments you have access to after a car accident 

New additions to our Direct Billing Offerings

New Videos from Kinesiologist Zoe Fettig-Winn and our latest Personal Training Promotion

Newest Addition to the BIA Team

Andrew Moussavi  obtained his BSc with distinction in Biomedical Physiology at Simon Fraser University and then went on to complete his MSc in Physiotherapy at the University of Alberta. Andrew’s passion for Physical Therapy can be traced back to his recovery from multiple traumatic knee operations and experiencing the rewards of a successful treatment plan.

Find Out More about Andrew

Were You or a Friend Involved in a Car Accident?

We have just released a new ICBC Resource Guide to help you navigate your healthcare following a Motor Vehicle Accident.
Download our Easy-to-Follow 2021 ICBC Guide Here 

Current Promotions

Show yourself some love and self-care this spring season. Sign up for our 2021 ”I Heart Me” package, and get a free one-on-one personal training session along with a customized exercise plan led by Kinesiologist Zoe Fettig-Winn.

This offer is valid for purchases made until March 31, 2021. Complete this form and we will get you set up! Many extended plans cover your fees. Click here for terms and conditions

Valentine's Day Promotion for Personal Training, Buy 2 Get 1 Free

We are also continuing our referral promotion. Share the love and tell others about the amazing service you’ve received at Backs in Action and receive a Thank You from us at your next appointment.

Click Here to See All Our Promos 

We now direct bill to more than 25 providers

See our full list to see if you can take advantage of direct billing. Don’t see your company here? Send us an email to cast a vote for your own provider.

Take a Break And Stretch

Many of us are spending long hours in front of the computer these days, and that can have a major impact on our short- and long-term health. Short-term sedentarism causes blood pooling, losses in mental acuity, and muscle and joint soreness.
Check out the 5-minute Work Break Stretch 

Not Quite Ready for HIIT Workouts? Try AMRAP

In this video, Kinesiologist and UBC Assistant Coach for Women’s Rowing, Zoe Fettig-Winn helps you move continuously at a submaximal pace from one exercise to another, completing “as many rounds as possible” (AMRAP) in 5 minutes.

See Zoe’s AMRAP Routine including a listing of all the exercise.


You May Have Missed…


Recovering After An Accident – What You Need to Know 
One of the last things any of us want to get into is a car accident. And yet, in Metro Vancouver, there are more than 60,000 car accidents each year. While our cars may take the brunt of the noticeable damage, the toll that motor vehicle accidents take on our bodies can also be significant.

Did you know you have access to massage, physio, chiro, active rehab, acupuncture and counselling sessions immediately after an accident, without a doctor’s note at little or no cost to you? Find Out How 


Ankle Brace

Bracing 101 
Bracing can be helpful post-surgery, post-injury, and in situations where restriction of movement is needed for recovery. It can be fitted to almost any place on the body in need of stabilization. Braces are most commonly fitted to wrists, hands and knees. The flexibility and type of brace depends on the specific needs of your condition; hinged braces for example would allow the knee a greater range of motion so that it can move in a manner closer to the natural motion of the joint.

Did you know most extended health insurance companies cover the full cost of braces?
Learn More

Post-Operative Rehabilitation Physiotherapy,  sometimes called Post-Surgical Physiotherapy, is a treatment plan for patients who are undergoing surgery. Surgeons advise patients to start physiotherapy as soon as they have finished surgery to achieve the best long-term results. Our experienced physiotherapists are already familiar with the needs of post-op patients and are prepared with specific rehabilitation sessions to get you better, faster.

Did you know that post-op physiotherapy can help you return to your activities of daily life faster?
Inform Yourself 

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