Diabetic Socks Available at our East Vancouver Wellness Centre

Diabetic Foot Treatment

Are you suffering from blisters and foot infections as a result of diabetes? If so, Diabetic Socks available at our East Vancouver Wellness Centre may be the solution for you!

The diabetic foot is prone to skin irritation, cuts and infection due to poor bad flow and loss of sensation. At Backs in Action our Chiropractor, Dr. Farrah Jiwa, provides diabetic socks that are specifically made to reduce the risk of blisters or lesions and reduce the chance of more serious lower limb complications.

Diabetic Sock Features

  • Moisture Management via Polypropylene Fibers and Mesh Fabric
    • Reduced water absorption thus keeping the foot dry and reducing the chance of sores.
    • Prevent the sock from sticking to the foot and thereby reducing friction between the sock and skin.
    • Increased breathability and comfort
  • Elastic Arch Support
    • Keeps the sock in place preventing blisters
  • Loose fitting shin
    • Ensures there are no pressure points that restrict blood flow
  • Gripper Sole
    • Prevents risk of falling
  • Seamless Toe
    • Eliminates pressure points which inhibit blood flow and often lead to blisters
  • Padding in Sole and Toe Area
    • Diffuses pressure in these areas and provides increased comfort.

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Buying Graded Compression Hosiery

At Backs in Action Wellness Centre we offer graded compression hosiery that is customized to you! And there are many other benefits to wearing compression socks/hosiery. We are located steps away from the Commercial Broadway Skytrain Station and are easily accessible from Burnaby and Downtown Vancouver.

Compression Hosiery is covered by many extended health insurance plans, so call 604-876-9977 or email info@backsinaction.ca today for an assessment!

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