Stretches for Shin Splints

Stretches for Shin Splints

The most common way of getting shin splints is overuse of your lower leg muscles. One of the ways you can alleviate some of the tension, stress and pain associated with shin splints is to stretch your lower leg muscles. Other techniques include custom foot orthotics, and  ice massage therapy. Below is a stretch that is effective in decreasing tension associated with shin splints.

Anterior Compartment Stretch

  • Put your runners on and stand up straight with your legs shoulder width apart
    • For added balance, hold onto a wall or a table
  • Take your right leg and cross it over in front of your left leg
    • The back of your right leg should be tightly against your left knee

Backs In Action Vancouver Massage Shin Splints Stretch

  • Anchor your right leg with your toes, by pointing the toes of your right leg downward towards the floor
  • Slowly start bending your left knee until you feel a stretching on the front of your right leg
  • Hold for 30-60 seconds and repeat with the other leg
    • Remember there should be no pain of any kind during the stretch
    • Don’t forget to breathe slowly and release the stretch upon exhaling

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