Canadian Physical Activity & Sedentary Guidelines

Canadian Physical Activity and Sedentary Behavior Guidelines

There are many benefits to physical activity and exercise but it is difficult to implement into your lifestyle. We would like to share the Canadian Physical Activity Guidelines and the Canadian Sedentary Behavior Guidelines, provided by the Canadian Society for Exercise Physiology. The Canadian Society for Exercise Physiology (CSEP) is the principal body for physical activity, health and fitness research and personal training in Canada.

Minimums Physical Activity

Are you and your family wondering about the minimums regarding physical activity? How much physical activity should you be getting every day? The Canadian Physical Activity and Sedentary Behavior guidelines can help! You can use these guidelines along with the other resources we have provided previously including Fit in 15, and the Straighten Up Canada App to help develop a framework/ plan for you and your family to live a more healthy, active life.

What is Physical Activity?

  • Bodily movement that increases heart rate and breathing
  • Many people think exercise is equated to a gym membership, but everyday activities can be counted as physical activity!
  • Moderate Intensity Physical Activity
    • On a scale of 10 it is usually a 5 or 6
    • You can talk but not sing your favorite song during moderate physical activity
  • Vigorous Intensity Physical Activity
    • On a scale of 10 it is usually a 7 or 8
    • You can’t say more than a few words without pausing to breathe during vigorous physical activity
  • These guidelines recommend that you aim between moderate and vigorous intensity physical activity
    • For the children’s guidelines it is termed Energetic Play in which they are working hard, and breathing heavily

What are Physical Activity Guidelines?

  • These guidelines describe the “amount” and “types” of physical activity that offer substantial health benefits for Canadians

What is Sedentary Behavior?

  • Postures or activities that require little to no movement
  • ie: prolonged sitting, watching TV, playing video games, sitting at work, doing computer work

What are Sedentary Behavior Guidelines?

  • These guidelines describe the recommended amount of time Canadians should reduce involvement in sedentary pursuits to reduce health risks

There are many health benefits of physical activity, including but not limited to improved fitness, increased strength and feeling better! These guidelines show you and your family how you can plan to be physically active and reduce sedentary time every day!

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