Back to School Tips for Returning to School

Heading back to school can bring a variety of feelings for both parents and children, including excitement and anxiety. Luckily, anxiety doesn’t have to stick around. With our knowledgeable habit tips and recommendations, your child will not only transition to the classroom stress-free but will have a solid foundation to build upon throughout the years to come.

Healthy Habits Start at Home

It’s amazing how many aspects of our lives are impacted by sleep, diet, and exercise. At every stage of life, just these 3 things can significantly improve your performance and mood. Getting plenty of quality rest, eating the right foods, and getting exercise will make sure your child arrives at school feeling stress-free and ready to learn.


Quality sleep rejuvenates the mind and body, both of which are necessary for high performance at school. Studies even show that children and teens who get more sleep score higher on standardized tests, while car accidents among teen drivers go down. You can improve sleep quality by following some simple sleep hygiene guidelines:

  • No screens for a few hours before bed
  • A dark, cool bedroom
  • A consistent bedtime routine


Proper nutrition contributes to quality sleep while reducing insomnia. Additionally, it provides the necessary building blocks for daytime energy. Eating a well-balanced diet and staying hydrated is adequate for the majority of individuals without specific medical issues. Though some students need further dietary guidance, getting the recommended amount of fruits, vegetables, and water is crucial to feel energized all day long!


Like nutrition, exercise increases sleep quality while improving daytime energy. It helps kids pay better attention in class and retain more of what they learn. Physiotherapy can help anyone master movements that will benefit their bodies the most, though it’s especially useful for students with physical limitations or who play sports.

At-School Tips from Counselling & Chiropractic Care Specialists

Backpack Safety

An inadequate backpack can cause pain by straining muscles and joints. Anything from weight distribution in the pack to poorly designed shoulder straps might cause issues. Choosing a lightweight option with adjustable shoulder straps will prevent pain and aid spinal health. Students should also learn how to wear a backpack correctly. If you’re unsure of ideal backpack usage, getting chiropractic care could help. Also, read “Backpacks & Your Child’s Health”.

Ergonomics and Ergonomic Assessments

Desks and chairs at school aren’t famous for their ergonomic design. Students often need to pay attention to the small things under their control. Considering how many hours they spend at desks every day, thinking in terms of ergonomics is vital.

  • Position laptops at eye level. If necessary, prop up the laptop on something else, like a book.
  • Keep laptops close enough to the body that reaching isn’t necessary.
  • Place a cushion behind the lower back to add support and encourage correct posture.
  • Set feet in a flat position on the ground.

Ergonomic setups at home are also now more important than ever. Read our article on text-neck and learn how to reduce the pain caused when people use mobile devices for long periods of time.

Visiting a physiotherapist or kinesiologist for an ergonomic assessment can help anyone struggling to get it right, whether because they’re unsure what to do or their environment makes good ergonomics challenging.

Mental Breaks and Counselling

When a student works indefinitely without breaks, their ability to retain information weakens. Students should take a break at least once an hour while studying. Many students also find their mental health benefits from counselling. No matter how much fun some aspects of school may be, there’s no doubt that some students experience related stress. When you add counselling to all the above tips, your child can avoid the worst of it.

Get Back-To-School Ready with Advice from Backs in Action 

We know heading back to school can feel overwhelming, not just for kids and teens but for everyone involved. Our aim at Backs in Action is to help parents and students start the school year feeling more relaxed and ready for what lies ahead. Hopefully, the tips above will ensure a smoother transition from summer back into the classroom, setting your child up for success this school year.

Start the school year out on the right foot by getting in touch with Backs in Action today. We provide a variety of treatments: physiotherapy, chiropractic care, counselling, and more!

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