Shin Splints

What are Shin Splints?

  • Shin Splints result from muscular overuse of the Tibialis Anterior and Tibialis Posterior muscles, which are attached to the Tibia bone (shin bone).
  • It often displays as sharp pain down the front of the leg.

Causes of Shin Splints?

  • Overused muscles and repeated pounding on hard surfaces, such as concrete
    • Due to running, jumping, basketball, tennis or improper shoes
  • Inflammation of the Periosteum: Connective tissue over your bones.
  • Overpronation: Feet roll inward when running/walking.
  • Working out too hard too fast: Fatigues the muscles and puts greater pressure on the Tibia.
  • Stress Fracture

Symptoms of Shin Splints?

  • Pain and swelling on your Shin (front part of the lower leg)
  • Tenderness and pain upon touch/palpation of shin
  • Soreness in your shin at the start of your workout
    • Can lead to severe Shin pain by the end of your workout if untreated

Treatment for Shin Splints?

  • Avoid physical stressors/activities that cause pain
  • Start running slowly: Gradually build up to the intended distance and pace.
  • Custom Foot Orthotic for Shin Splints: Help stabilize the foot and ankle, taking the stress off the lower leg and decrease pressure on the Tibial bone
  • Massage Treatment for Shin Splints: Active stretching and Trigger Point Release Therapy to decrease muscular hypertonicity (tightness in the muscles)
  • Ice Massage to Anterior Tibial bone

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