ICBC Chiropractic Flat Fee Program Explained

ICBC Motor Vehicle Accident Coverage for Vancouver and BC

Have you been in a motor vehicle accident? Do you suffer from neck and back pain due to your motor vehicle accident? Are you aware of the benefits of chiropractic care for your injury? Did you know that you can obtain care immediately without any referrals or fees?

Have you heard of the ICBC Chiropractic Flat Fee Program?

What is the ICBC Chiropractic Flat Fee Program?

If you are an ICBC customer and have been in an automobile accident, you are fully covered by ICBC for Chiropractic treatment whether you are at fault or not. If you have been injured in a crash and have coverage through ICBC, you can begin treatment with a chiropractor immediately after you report the claim. You do not need to get approval from your adjustor or a doctor first.

ICBC pays the Chiropractor clinic directly so you don’t have to pay the user fees regardless of the number of necessary treatments. Just bring your claim number and adjustors name and number to your first chiropractic visit and we can confirm you are covered.

What ICBC Chiropractic Coverage means for you

  • No money out of your pocket
  • You are covered for a period of up to fourteen weeks to get back to pre-accident status or to a a level of maximal medical recovery
  • Receive professional and thorough care
  • Immediate treatment so you can address the pain before it evolves into chronic pain

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