Posture and Back Pain Treatment, East Vancouver Chiropractors Care about Posture

Chiropractors Care about your Posture

Believe it or not, your posture says a lot about you. To a stranger walking by, it may demonstrate qualities like confidence and openness or demonstrate disinterest and lethargy.  To a Chiropractor, your posture is a by-product of many factors including your genetics, old habits, previous trauma, abnormal walking due to foot dysfunction or repetitive strain injuries from activities such as work.

When you sit, walk, stand and perform your daily activities, keeping your body aligned helps your body stay efficient.  When your body isn’t ideally aligned, your muscles work harder in ways they aren’t accustomed to. Your ligaments and joints must withstand more force. Over time, your joints will be at a higher risk of degeneration which causes pain while reducing your quality of life.

It is common for chiropractors to see the following; a patient’s head sit more forward over the shoulders, shoulder elevation, hip tilts and flat feet. Some findings are easier to correct than others and many factors are considered when corrective measures are recommended. One thing is for sure, the sooner you become aware of your posture and act on improving it, the better your chances of avoiding repetitive strain injuries and pain.

Remember, guidelines are often generic, everyone’s body is different.  Depending on your history of pain, dysfunction or injury, it’s always smart to consult your chiropractor or manual therapist for personalized advice.

Here are some tips regarding basic standing and sitting posture!

  • When standing consider keeping your feet shoulder width apart bear the brunt of the weight at the balls of your feet
  • If you need to stand for longer periods take walking breaks, and shift your weight to minimize fatigue
  • Stand tall with your shoulders pulled back
  • To the best of your ability, keep your head back where your earlobe is lined up with the front of your shoulder when looking from the side
  • When sitting, adjust your chair so that your feet are on the ground
    • Your hip should be bent to 90 degrees or slightly more
    • Lean back and make proper use of the back support
    • Bring your shoulder blades closer together and keep your shoulders down
  • If typing or using a desk, your chair should be adjusted so that your forearms are resting comfortably onto the desk with your elbow resting at about 90 degrees

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