Dr Ryan Takagi’s Experiences in Tanzania

Backs in Action Chiropractor, Dr Ryan Takagi, Shares Experiences Volunteering His Time in Mwanza, Tanzania

As you may (or may not) be aware, an integral member of our chiropractic team, Dr Ryan Takagi has spent the last couple of months in the East African country of Tanzania offering his expertise and sharing his love for health and wellness with those that are less fortunate than we are. We are thrilled to share an update with you from Dr Ryan on his experiences so far:

A Dispatch from the field

Working with Local Partners

β€œTanzania has been an incredible experience. I am fortunate to work with amazing local partners in collaborative relationships. Those partners include the Magu District Council, the Tanzania Home Economics Association (TAHEA), Village of Hope, and SOS Children’s Villages. Back and neck pain are the leading causes of years lived with disability worldwide, so there is a big need for preventative and management services.

Patients with Developmental Disabilities, Pregnant Women, Neurological Patients and Older Adults with Severe Osteoarthritis Are the Most Common Seen

Together, we are working to improve physical rehabilitation services in the Mwanza region. For me, that means a few things. I am working with local health practitioners to provide care to people in Mwanza. The main groups we see are children with developmental disabilities, women who are pregnant, individuals with severe and obscure neurological conditions, older adults with severe osteoarthritis, and the so-called \”average person\” with back pain. A large part of my time is spent building and maintaining community relationships that work towards the goal of individual engagement, education, and empowerment, all hopefully leading to better access to health care.

Many Young Patients Have Cerebral Palsy

Many of the younger patients I have seen have cerebral palsy. We do our best to educate their mothers on prevention and give them simple exercises to take home that can improve the child\’s quality of life. Many of the people coming in with back pain are excited to be treated for the first time and are eager to get exercises so they can manage the pain themselves at home. There are definitely exciting moments as we see patients improve with care, challenging moments when rare conditions present, sad moments when there is little we can do to help, and everything between. I love interacting with and learning from all the people here and building what is sure to be life-long relationships. While I am extremely sad to be away from Vancouver, I am also very happy to be here πŸ™‚

Dr. Ryan Examining Babies and Consulting with their Mothers

Dr Ryan will be back from Tanzania and ready to treat you in April 2020. In the meantime, another member of our team of highly-qualified chiropractors is here to help you. Book your chiropractic appointment today!

Dr Ryan Takagi will be treating patients at Backs in Action, Vancouver again beginning April 2020

Dr Ryan Takagi Drinking Coffee in His Office in Tanzania