Vancouver Chiropractic and Low Back Pain Treatments

Vancouver Chiropractic and Low Back Pain Treatments

If you are tired of taking drugs and other medications for your low back pain, look no further and try Chiropractic! Let’s get you moving, and back into action faster!


Low Back Pain Treatments Vancouver

  • Experienced by 80% of the Canadian population at any given time, whether it is due to a muscle strain, herniated disc, osteoarthritis, scoliosis or other issues. (
  • It is one of the most costly causes of illness and disability in Canada due to the fact that it is the leading cause of visits made to health care providers and of time lost from the workplace.
  • Low back pain can last a few days or weeks, but if left untreated it can become chronic back pain and cause tingling or numbness in your legs and feet.


Ways to Treat Low Back Pain – Vancouver

Remember combining chiropractic with other therapies improves pain and disability!

There is no reason you should have to live with lower back pain, come in to Backs in Action for a chiropractic assessment today!