Just 20 Steps away from the Commercial-Broadway Skytrain Station. Easily Accessible from Downtown Vancouver.
Suite #203 - 1750 East 10th Avenue Vancouver, BC
T: 604.876.9977

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Backs in Action Wellness Centre is a multidisciplinary clinic in East Vancouver across from the Commercial Broadway Skytrain Station. Our unique customized programs help our practice members not only eliminate pain but also maximize their health and physical performance assisting them on their journey to health and wellness. Our Chiropractor, and RMT’s are registered ICBC providers. We offer same day appointments and direct billing to most insurance companies, call us at 604-876-9977 take the next step toward your journey to wellness!

Best of Vancouver Chiropractor - Backs in Action Wellness Centre

Open Care Patient's Choice Winner 2014 - Backs in Action Clinic Vancouver B.C.

Services Offered:

Chiropractic Vancouver

Direct Billing Offered:

The healthcare services we provide are commonly included in extended healthcare coverage. We offer direct billing to the following insurance companies.

  •  Chambers of Commerce
  •  Desjardins
  •  Great West Life
  •  Greenshield
  •  ICBC
  •  Industrial Alliance
  •  Johnston Group
  •  Manulife
  •  Maximum Benefit
  •  MSP
  •  Pacific Blue Cross
  •  RCMP
  •  Standard Life
  • SSQ Financial
  • Sunlife
  • Veterans

We also offer reduced rates for students who are under I Have a Plan. If you or someone you know is looking to improve their overall health, contact us at Backs in Action clinic in East Vancouver and take the next step toward your journey to wellness.

The Backs in Action Team


The 2015 World Partnership Walk

Backs in Action steps forward again this year to end global poverty in The 2015 World Partnership Walk! Support this worthy cause by donating online / in the office and coming to the walk on Sunday May 31st 2015 at Lumbermans Arch in Stanley Park. Let’s make a difference together!





This is a a great clinic, whether you are looking for just a chiropractor, or a more rounded wellness approach.  Dr. Jiwa has been instrumental in me reaching weight loss goals and improved health by ensuring I prevented new injury, helping me with pre-existing problems, and providing invaluable ad...

Sara L.

Exceptional quality in service, STOP looking cause this is the Chiropractor you’ve been searching for. Dr. Jiwa and her amazing staff have tremendously improved my recovery after i was rear ended this summer. Each time I enter the clinic they make me feel at home. My back and neck have improve...

James L.

This is a great caring team of professionals that truly care about your wellbeing. Walking into the Backs in Action office you feel welcome and are greeted with warm genuine people. The environment is so relaxing that it makes anyone who comes in for the first time feel very comfortable. I have be...

Mairin P.

Chiropractic treatments relieve any added stress from daily activity. I don't have to worry about body aches when I visit Dr. Jiwa regularly. Regular visits in the past have helped me with my headaches, and have helped me keep a good posture. Dr. Jiwa is familiar with my medical history and I trust ...

JoHanna Marcilla

Chiropractic has benefited me immensely. There has been a significant pain decrease on a spot that has bothered me for years, Dr. Jiwa helped me through that because she is very good at her job. I would for sure recommend her to friends and family. Along with the great treatments I receive the staff...


Dr. Jiwa has been one of my primary go-to healthcare practitioners, giving me support on caring for my posture, suggesting appropriate exercises and doing adjustments. Most recently, she helped correct alignment problems caused by a serious bicycle crash, enabling the physiotherapist and massage the...

Michelle Houle

After discovering long term problems with my left shoulder due to 2 cycling accidents I decided to try a different method of treatment. Orthotics, back, neck and hip adjustments combined with massage worked wonders on these long term problems that I thought would be permanent. I now have improved po...

Judy Villett

I am a happy client because I feel respected when I am at Backs in Action! I feel like Dr. Jiwa is doing whatever it takes to help me receive treatment. She has been accommodating and in my opinion has gone above and beyond in order to support me. Chiropractic has benefited me in the way that I usua...

Brigitte Klaric

I’m a student, which means I sit for long period of time, usually hunched over a book or a computer. Both Evgeny and Dr. Jiwa were very attentive and extremely positive. Massage therapy with Evgeny helped relax my entire back, as Evgeny took the time to learn about my lifestyle and incorporated my...

Kiara Shibley

The energy of the Backs in Action office is healing and energizing. I feel much better after my treatment sessions; I have experienced both the Massage Therapy and Chiropractic Services. I feel Backs in Action has helped me stand taller and feel more relaxed. I am always recommending Backs in Action...

Ruth Major