Backs in Action Rehab and Wellness Centre is a multidisciplinary clinic in East Vancouver across from Renfrew Skytrain Station. Our unique customized programs help our patients on their journey to health and wellness by eliminating pain while maximizing their health and physical performance. Our Chiropractors, Physiotherapists, Counsellors, Acupuncturist and RMT are registered ICBC providers. We offer same day appointments and direct billing to most insurance companies. We accept Worksafe claims and MSP. Call us at 604-876-9977 or book online and take the next step in your wellness journey!

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The healthcare services we provide are commonly included in extended healthcare coverage. We offer direct billing to the following insurance companies.

If you or someone you know is looking to improve their overall health, contact us at Backs in Action Rehab and Wellness Centre in East Vancouver and take the next step in your journey to wellness.

The Backs in Action Team

The 2015 World Partnership Walk
Backs in Action continues to support an end to global poverty by its continued support for The World Partnership Walk! Support this worthy cause by donating online / in the office and coming to the annual walk in 2018, stay tuned for the date and time! Let’s make a difference together!


  • This is a a great clinic, whether you are looking for just a chiropractor, or a more rounded wellness approach.  Dr. Jiwa has been instrumental in me reaching weight loss goals and improved health by…...Sara L.
  • Exceptional quality in service, STOP looking cause this is the Chiropractor you've been searching for. Dr. Jiwa and her amazing staff have tremendously improved my recovery after i was rear ended this summer. Each time…...James L.
  • This is a great caring team of professionals that truly care about your wellbeing. Walking into the Backs in Action office you feel welcome and are greeted with warm genuine people. The environment is so relaxing…...Mairin P.
  • Chiropractic has benefited me immensely. There has been a significant pain decrease on a spot that has bothered me for years, Dr. Jiwa helped me through that because she is very good at her job.…...Anonymous
  • Dr. Jiwa has been one of my primary go-to healthcare practitioners, giving me support on caring for my posture, suggesting appropriate exercises and doing adjustments. Most recently, she helped correct alignment problems caused by a…...Michelle Houle
  • After discovering long term problems with my left shoulder due to 2 cycling accidents I decided to try a different method of treatment. Orthotics, back, neck and hip adjustments combined with massage worked wonders on…...Judy Villett
  • I am a happy client because I feel respected when I am at Backs in Action! I feel like Dr. Jiwa is doing whatever it takes to help me receive treatment. She has been accommodating…...Brigitte Klaric
  • I’m a student, which means I sit for long period of time, usually hunched over a book or a computer. Both Evgeny and Dr. Jiwa were very attentive and extremely positive. Massage therapy with Evgeny…...Kiara Shibley
  • The energy of the Backs in Action office is healing and energizing. I feel much better after my treatment sessions; I have experienced both the Massage Therapy and Chiropractic Services. I feel Backs in Action…...Ruth Major
  • Quite simply put, the pain I used to have is now gone after my treatments with Dr. Jiwa. I feel my health is infinitely better and I feel less discomfort on a daily basis which…...Catherine Bussey
  • Farrah is very gentle and encouraging. She always explains what is “out” and what to do in between visits. She is always able to bring me to where I’m pain free so I can get…...Helga Schmidke
  • I have been a client of Dr. Jiwa’s for over ten years. After a lifetime of chronic lower back pain, she has helped me learn ways to strengthen my back, prescribed orthotics which have helped…...Libya Vogt
  • Dr. Jiwa’s treatments have helped me feel better overall as my body has been realigned into a proper position. Dr. Jiwa goes above and beyond for her patients and provides excellent care for her patients....Elena
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