Our Multidisciplinary Clinic Practitioners Are Here to Educate the Community

Being involved in the community is one of the most important things any practitioner can do. Educating the community on the importance of ergonomics and the benefits of physiotherapy can help people in our community be more conscious about how they move every day and help their bodies feel better.

Our youth are our greatest assets. Educating our youth on things they can do now that will improve their health in the long term helps society become healthier as a whole and allows more people to live longer lives that are mobile and pain-free.

Community Outreach: Vancouver Technical Secondary School’s Health & Wellness Fair

Backs in Action recently participated in a community event that focused on educating youth on the importance of health and wellness and raising their awareness of the resources they have access to. The theme of the event was mental and physical health and included organizations like the Vancouver Coastal Health’s Child and Youth Mental Health division, Qmunity, Watani, ISS of BC, Frog Hollow, Broadway Youth Resource Centre and LOVE (British Columbia). Backs in Action was the only multidisciplinary clinic that was invited to the event with our physiotherapists and chiropractors contributing to educating the school community on the value of injury prevention and care. All grade 8s attended the event, and activities included a BOSU ball challenge for prizes, fun quizzes, and the opportunity for students to have conversations with our practitioners.

Our goal at this event was to educate young people on the importance of proper posture, how to properly wear their backpacks, text neck and the physical effects of using their mobile devices incorrectly, and more while leaving them with tools and practices they could implement in their own lives.

We are passionate about educating our community to improve their overall health and wellness.
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What Is Important for Kids in Terms of Health and Wellness?

Kids need practitioners’ support while they are growing. Children ages 12 to 17 are the age group in Canada most prone to injuries, making a physiotherapist essential to the immediate and future health of their bodies. By utilizing the services provided by a multidisciplinary clinic like Backs in Action, our youth can improve in their sports and increase their resistance to injuries.

We have all the specialists that youth need at our multidisciplinary clinic. From physiotherapists that help with balance and range of motion to chiropractors that make necessary adjustments for optimal movement, our clinic can help youth excel in their sport while also taking care of their bodies for the future. Patients have access to doctors that specialize in sports injuries and many types of treatments, including:

The Importance of Teaching Youth About Ergonomics

Our youth spend a lot of time sitting at a desk at school, much like so many adults do at work. It is just as important for a young person to get into the habit of good posture as it is for an adult. By doing so, they can save themselves from a life of back and neck pain and reduced flexibility. Teaching youth to have good posture early on can prepare them to be more conscious of how they sit and move as adults. This doesn’t only translate to a body that is easier to move and use presently and in the future, but it can also help them to focus on learning rather than being uncomfortable while sitting at a desk. Read more information about ergonomics here.

Our Multidisciplinary Clinic Can Reduce Backpack and Mobile Device Injuries

The backpacks that our children carry around are heavier than ever. It is important to teach our kids how to properly wear their backpacks and it is so important to do so for our back health. A lot of times, we see children wearing backpacks that hang too low. To prevent back, neck, and shoulder problems, a backpack should fit snugly, be 1 to 2 inches above the hipline, and rest comfortably on the shoulders. Backpacks should be carried with both straps on the shoulders. Slinging it over one shoulder should be avoided. They should also not move from side to side while walking. If the backpack has chest and waist straps, they should be used.

With the invention of smartphones and every teenager having one has come what is called “text neck”. Read our text neck blog article. Having your head down in a forward position for an extended period of time every day leads to repetitive stress injuries to the neck. This ultimately results in curvature of the spine, supporting ligaments, and neck and shoulders muscles. It causes sharp and nagging pain in the neck and shoulders, muscle stiffness, headaches, tingling and numbness in the upper limbs, and even eye pain.

At Backs in Action, we not only aim to offer effective treatments but also to educate people on what they can do to prevent these kinds of issues from occurring in the first place. Our professionals teach youth stretches and exercises that they can do on their own time outside of appointments to prevent things like text neck and reduced flexibility.

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