Alexander Benin

Position: Physiotherapist
Categories: Our Physiotherapists

Alexander Benin completed his MSc in Physiotherapy from Glasgow Caledonian University in Scotland. He attended York University in Toronto for his Undergraduate degree in Kinesiology. Since 2018, Alex has been working for the National Health Service in Musculoskeletal Outpatients in the United Kingdom. Working closely with the Orthopaedic surgeons and Extended Scope Practitioners, he has experience in treating a wide variety of post-operative conditions, and referring for orthopaedic interventions if necessitated.

Alex has close involvement in assessing and treating overuse, chronic injuries such as tendinopathies and persisting pain, and has worked in a team involving pain therapists and back-pain specialists. Due to his fitness background, Alex shares a passion in assessing and tailoring exercise programmes for athletes with acute injuries as well.

Alex considers client-centred care integral and employs a combination of manual techniques and exercise therapy to eliminate pain and restore function in the most efficient way possible. His work in the NHS has inspired him to continuously improve his skillset and follow the latest evidence-base in physiotherapy. In his spare time, Alex enjoys camping and the outdoors. As a hobby, he regularly cycles, participates in Olympic Weightlifting, and plays Tennis.

Languages Spoken: English

Alexander has booking availability on Monday and Wednesday mornings and Thursday afternoons and evenings.


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