Zoë Fettig-Winn BKin, MKin – Kinesiologist

Zoë Fettig-Winn BKin, MKin – Kinesiologist

\"\"Zoë Fettig-Winn (BKin, MKin) is a BCAK kinesiologist with a background in strength and conditioning and performance sport. Zoë loves working with clients of all backgrounds to build fitness programs that increase their capacity to be active participants in life.

Zoë believes that science-based exercise prescription, along with strategic dietary and lifestyle planning, can enhance everyone\’s quality of life. Whether you\’re recovering from a serious injury, have never enjoyed exercise or are a long-time athlete, she would love to use her individualized, evidence-based approach to help you reach your goals.

Beyond kinesiology, Zoë works as the assistant coach of the women\’s varsity rowing team at UBC, on which she previously competed for five years. She also has 13 years experience as a classical ballet dancer. In her spare time, Zoë enjoys getting outdoors for hikes, bikes, and runs.



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