Our Vancouver Chiropractor’s 10 Tips for Rest, Relaxation and Sleep

Our East Vancouver Chiropractor’s 10 Tips for Sleep, Relaxation and Rest

1. Set aside time every day for mental and physical relaxation

– Relaxation is important in the restoration and maintenance of overall health

2. When sitting, make sure to sit straight

– Avoid overstuffed chairs, and instead choose a chair with adequate firmness that holds your weight comfortably
– Recliner chairs are great only if they recline your back in a normal, straight position

3. Cross your legs at the ankles, not the knees

– Crossing your legs at the knees aggravates existing back conditions and interferes with the circulation of your lower limbs

4. Get plenty of sleep, it allows your body to recuperate and repair itself

– Look out for our upcoming blog “Naturopathic Approaches to Sleep Problems” for more helpful tips!

5. Sleep on a firm mattress

– It should be firm enough to hold your body level yet soft enough so your shoulders and buttocks will depress into the mattress

6. Your pillow should support your head so your neck vertebrae will be level with the rest of your spine and maintain the neck in a “neutral” alignment

7. Sleep on your back or on your side with your legs slightly flexed

– Avoid sleeping on your stomach
– Make sure to raise your head off the pillow when changing positions

8. When getting out of bed: turn onto your side, swing your legs off the bed, and then push yourself into a sitting position

– This technique minimizes the amount of strain put on your back

9. Do not read or watch TV in bed with your head propped up at a strained angle
10. Do not sleep in a chair or on a soft couch that lacks support

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