Naturopathic Approach to Plantar Fasciitis

If you suffer from plantar fasciitis, your local naturopathic doctor will do a thorough assessment to determine the cause. They will choose the course of naturopathic treatment that best suits you and your situation (click here to see what to expect when visiting a naturopathic doctor).

Areas your naturopath will consider to help you reduce pain and improve function

1 – Acupuncture: Helps to relax tight muscles in the calf and foot that could be irritating your plantar fasciitis

2- Hydrotherapy: contrasting hot and cold water treatments Flushes the area out to help get rid of swelling or fluid build-up

3 – Lifestyle factors: identifying habits that could be leading to or exacerbating plantar fasciitis.

  • Sleep is particularly important for tissue health and healing

4 – Foods to increase: ensuring adequate vitamins and minerals in your diet.

  • Magnesium, zinc and manganese are minerals that are important in the maintenance of healthy connective tissue (bones, ligaments and tendons). Dark green leafy vegetables, nuts and seeds (not peanuts) and dark chocolate (straight-up, no milk) are an excellent source of magnesium.  Pecans and green tea are great sources of manganese and pumpkin seeds and oysters are excellent sources of zinc
  • Vitamin C is also important for connective tissue health.  This can be found in brightly coloured fruits, vegetables and berries such as guavas, bell peppers and strawberries.

5 – Foods to avoid: minimizing sources of inflammation in your diet

  • These can be different for different people but the big culprits tend to be wheat, dairy and refined sugars.

6 – Supplements and herbs

  • Help to minimize inflammation and support joint and tendon health
  • Anti-inflammatory supplements (fish oil) or enzymes (papain) are helpful with decreasing pain and inflammation
  • Herbs (devil’s claw) are anti-inflammatory herbs

Of course, proper exercises, stretching,  good quality footwear, and massage therapy from an RMT for plantar fasciitis can go a long way as well. At Backs in Action Wellness Centre in East Vancouver, we believe Health is a process that encompasses many different approaches.

If you any questions regarding Naturopathy or other treatments for plantar fasciitis, come in to Backs in Action Wellness Centre and meet the team, or contact us at 604-876-9977.

Happy running!