Tin-Yan Pong

Position: Massage Therapist
Categories: Our Massage Therapists

Tin-Yan’s focus is bringing overall balance and wellness based on an individual’s needs. She enjoys working with patients from all backgrounds, from people dealing with chronic pain to athletes looking to rehabilitate and optimize their performance. Her approach is holistic and patient-centered, employing techniques such as myofascial manipulation, trigger point release and swedish massage in her treatments.

In addition to completing the Registered Massage Therapy program, Tin-Yan also graduated with distinction from UBC with a Bachelor’s in kinesiology and has years of experience as a paramedic. With a diverse background and experience in the healthcare field, Tin-Yan has unique insight in regards to patient care and treatment.

In her free time, you can find Tin-Yan playing recreational sports such as basketball and volleyball as well as hiking and camping in beautiful British Columbia. Other interests include exploring pastry recipes and winning at board games.