Sandie Wa Mumba

Position: Massage Intern
Categories: Our Massage Interns

Massage Therapy has shown me how our community can take back control of bodily pain & discomfort they are feeling. Through my student experience at Vancouver Career College, I have became confident in myself to help those around me by offering help through my education.

I’ve become a big fan of the gym in the last 8 months, and I find it’s a place where I can feel like my best self. Since starting my studies at Vancouver Career College, going to the gym has become more productive in terms of my workouts. I feel as though I can take the specifics of the workout and apply them to the treatment room, by incorporating active and passive mobility exercises during treatments.

Physical activity and health has incorporated itself naturally into my life through my understanding of functional and mechanical anatomy. With that, Patient progression has brought a fulfillment to my day-to-day life that has directly impacted my unlimited desire to continue acquiring new information, and implementing it to my patients.

My treatments are geared towards easier living and mobility, by figuring out locations of imbalance in the body, then strengthening or relaxing compensatory areas to bring alignment. I also want to be able to provide homecare and hydrotherapy recommendations to my patients, that are adjusted to their abilities, and for it to be something they look forward to doing. With my encouragement, I hope my patients feel the motivation I have inside, which is to make them feel better in the long run.