Marcus Blissett, RMT — Registered Massage Therapist

Marcus Blissett, RMT – Registered Massage Therapist



\”Massage Therapy attracted me because I wanted a career that affected positive change in people\’s lives. I have personally experienced the powerful effects of massage to help reduce pain and encourage deep relaxation. **Our bodies have a fantastic capacity to heal themselves, but alongside therapies such as massage the process can be expedited to help us get back to the quality of life we deserve.

I have always had a passion for movement, I grew up playing many sports and I love to explore the potential our bodies have to interact with the world around us. I graduated from Vancouver College of Massage Therapy where I became fascinated with the intricacies of human anatomy and learning about all the cogs in the machine that make that movement possible.

You can expect my treatments to have a heavy emphasis on rhythmic and relaxing strokes interspersed with deeper, specific techniques to work towards your personal goals. I am excited to be a part of your journey to well-being.

Outside of the clinic you can find me playing tennis, enjoying a leisurely round of Golf, taking my bike on long tours, reading a great novel and travelling the world to experience new cultures.”