How to Become a Chiropractor In British Columbia & Canada

So you Want to Be a Chiropractor?

As a Chiropractic Clinic in East Vancouver, we field a lot of questions on chiropractic medicine. One question we occasionally get asked is about how one becomes a Chiropractor in Canada. Let’s cover that question here in detail.

What it Takes to be a Chiropractor in BC

“Don’t chiropractors go to school for a year or two like other manual therapists?” No, that’s a common myth.

  • All practicing Chiropractors in Canada have at least 7 years of post secondary education and there’s a growing number continuing their education beyond that with fellowships in specialty areas, Master and Doctorate level programs.

The following breakdown provides an in depth look at what it takes to be a Chiropractor

In order to practice in Canada, a Chiropractor must complete:

  • Minimum of 3 years of university (Equivalent to a Bachelor degree)
  • Graduate from an accredited 4 year Doctor of Chiropractic program
  • Complete over 4200 hours of chiropractic education with a special focus on Human Anatomy Biomechanics, Physiology and Chiropractic manual therapy.
    • Over 1000 of the 4200 hours must be completed in clinical settings performing as Chiropractic interns under direct guidance of qualified clinicians.
  • Successfully pass a set of 3 standardized board exams that test knowledge in the sciences, assessment, diagnosis and treatment in written and practical settings.
  • Register with the appropriate provincial regulatory chiropractic governing body
      • In British Columbia, this body is known as CCBC or the College of Chiropractors of British Columbia.
  • Maintain active standing with continuing education courses to keep up with new research and treatment options.

More on Becoming a Chiropractic Doctor

Check out the links below to better understand requirements and governing bodies in British Columbia and Canada as a whole.




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