Racquet Sports: Prevention & Rehabilitation of Common Injuries

By Backs In Action | August 12, 2022

Stretching and Strength Training for Prevention & Rehabilitation Stretching and strength training while following the advice of a professional physiotherapist …

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How a Physiotherapist Can Help Improve Your Fitness

By Backs In Action | June 7, 2022

Getting and staying fit can be hard when you are experiencing limited mobility or pain in your joints and back. …

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Recovering After an Accident – What You Need to Know

By Backs In Action | February 1, 2021

ICBC, Car Accidents and Your Health One of the last things any of us want to get into is a …

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With a Healthy Heart, the Beat Goes On!

By Backs In Action | February 14, 2020

More Physical Activity – More Benefits! Happy Valentine’s Day &  Happy Heart Month from all of us at Backs in …

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Should I Perform Static Stretches Before Exercising?

By Backs In Action | December 1, 2017

Should I Perform Static Stretches Before Exercising? Glenn Charbonneau, Registered Physiotherapist Growing up, many of us were taught the importance …

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