What to Expect Custom Orthotics

  1. Preparation

    • Bring your shoes that you wear most often and want the inserts to fit into.
  2. GaitScan

    • You will be asked to walk back and forth over a computerized plate, providing a dynamic,  ‘big picture’ of your feet in motion to aid Dr. Jiwa in her assessment.
  3. Assessment

    • Dr. Jiwa will examine how you walk, look at how you stand and physically examine your feet.
    • Dr. Jiwa will discuss with you
      • Key areas of pain from the lower limb down
      • Your needs in terms of activity level
      • Your shoe preference
    • All of these factors influence the type of orthotics needed, as they are customized for each and every patient.
    • Dr. Jiwa will determine if there is a need for orthotics, and if so a 3D foam cast will be taken of the foot.
  1. Choose your Orthotic insert

    • Through a joint decision, the best type of orthotic insert  will be selected.
    • Remember! Just like how one wears glasses to correct vision acuity, orthotics work the same way! If you don’t wear them, it won’t work!

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