GaitScan Analysis and Casting

At Backs in Action we use the Orthotic Group’s (TOG) GaitScan™ Analysis, a cutting edge computer hardware and software system. GaitScan™ provides your Chiropractor with a dynamic big picture of your feet in motion as you walk over a pressure plate, which has 4096 sensors and a scan rate of 300Hz (frames per second).

Orthotics East Vancouver, Custom Orthotics

The GaitScan™ Analysis’ pressure mapping technology allows the Chiropractor to track underlying problems with foot function and gait (walking) patterns. In combination with a physical examination and assessment of your feet, this analysis determines if you would benefit from an Orthotic prescription. It also assists the chiropractor by giving information that can’t be obtained by the naked eye. After the GaitScan Analysis, a non-weight bearing 3D foam impression of your feet will be taken providing you with a custom made orthotic based on your specific needs.

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