Jessica Moon, R.TCM.P – Licensed Acupuncturist and Herbalist

Jessica Moon’s lifelong relationship with alternative medicine was borne out of curiosity as well as necessity. Drawing on a diverse set of experiences, Jessica is convinced of the connection between the external and internal, the physical and emotional and the tangible and intangible. She sees acupuncture as one of the many ways of influencing opposing forces in our bodies and minds. “It is part of my Korean culture,” says Moon, “but I have also nurtured multiple modalities and disciplines over the years.”

Acupuncture works directly on the musculoskeletal level by releasing tension through trigger points while recognizing each individual’s unique constitution; each moment being a snapshot of the continuous ebb and flow of factors impacting your health. The philosophy of increasing available energy to an organ, part or system of the body or reducing it when in excess, is a central tenet of creating overall balance. It equally acts upon systems responsible for basic biological function such as sleep, mood, reproduction, and metabolism.   By becoming attuned to a sense of wellbeing through treatment and assessment, we can calibrate our bodies to naturally return to its centre.

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